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Lightweight, portable, safe.
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The Porta-Lifter - Designed to eliminate workforce crush injuries
REID Lifting’s MHL range of innovative, lightweight, portable manhole lifting systems enable workers to quickly and safely lift heavy manhole covers while complying with Manual Handling Regulations. Manufactured from high tensile alloy they come complete with a hydraulic lift mechanism to minimise manual effort.

Each unit has a unique lift bar arrangement, which makes it ideal for lifting both large and split cover designs in a single operation. Each unit is suitable for 2 and 4 point lifting, with 4 standard keys supplied. Designed by REID to eliminate workforce crush injuries, reduce operator effort during use and speed up the lifting time, the units are quickly assembled and easily transported in an estate car or van and used by just one person.

 manhole lifter is designed by REID for rapid assembly and swift operation for manhole covers up to 200 kg while being lightweight and easy to transport. Packing down to 1200mm x 250mm x 300mm width it has a fully assembled weight of just 22kg. The unique lift bar locks onto even those large and awkward split bolted covers for lifting in a single operation.


Snapper - Low cost, simple design, assembly and operation
No moving parts, no hydraulics, no screw jacks, no fuss
Easily assembled and operated by just one person
Lightweight and easily fits into an estate car or van for easy transportation and storage 
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