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Lightweight, portable, safe.
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PORTA-GANTRY takes a bow at Vannes Jazz Festival in Brittany, France
Brittany’s jazz festival, Jazz in Vannes 2011, chooses the Reid Lifting PORTA-GANTRY system to assist with the lifting of a grand piano. Professional piano handlers used the lightweight and portable aluminium PORTA-GANTRY, to lift the Steinway model D Grand Piano.  


he process of lifting a grand piano weighing just under 500 kg onto a 1.3 metres high stage, can present various challenges:

• accessing the stage
• confined space
• the piano is a delicate piece of equipment and must be handled with great care
• the process should be completed quickly
• several people needed to manually lift the piano
• the safety of the handlers must be ensured

The PORTA-GANTRY (beam and 2 A-frames) was assembled on the spot by two people in less than 15 minutes.  Each of the two A-frames weighs 19 kg and the trolley and winch weigh 15 kg. In total the system weighs approximately 126 kg and is manually assembled using just 4 bolts.  To view the assembly of the PORTA-GANTRY system, please click on  PG Assembly Video.

The PORTA-GANTRY was placed with one leg on the ground level and the other leg on the stage. The piano was positioned under the gantry. Using the chain hoist one person lifts the piano level with the stage and then slides it along the beam to be safely placed on the stage. To view the video of the grand piano lifting process please click on Lifting Process Video.
 The advantages of using the REID PORTA-GANTRY:

• access is no longer an issue
• increased efficiency
• saving time
• fewer people are required to do the job
• the piano no longer needs to be handled manually
• the entire operation is much safer for the handlers

The piano removals and stage equipment companies, who witnessed the process, identified a number of other potential applications where the REID PORTA-GANTRY could be used for lifting ancillary musical and technical equipment on and off the stage.
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